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I have wanted to do this for ages, but most of what's back there belongs to the tall one...so I couldn't easily just go through and toss everything.

We cleaned about half, and there's actual floor space?  Not used to that.  The trash guys are going to hate us on Thursday.

Next up, the second half of the back porch, relocation of the litterbox, and demo can begin.  He has aspirations, I just hope we can figure it out well enough to succeed in doing a decent job.

Hoping to be out in a year.  Fingers crossed. 

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 Hi there!

I've been silent for a while, I know...this summer has been a busy one, and blogging is usually the first thing to be dropped.

So, an update.

Boss wants to promote me.  I need more time with Linux, but this is HUGE.  He would basically bump me two levels, and while this hasn't been approved by HR, it would most likely come with a MASSIVE increase in salary.  Enough to put us in another tax bracket.  Enough to get us a better house than we were planning when we move.  I'm starting to work through the institutionally-provided Red Hat classes, and next week I'm hoping to start working with my one coworker to stand up a new Linux server.
In other work news, my backlog is finished and I left for Pennsic with absolutely nothing on my plate.  I haven't been able to say that in a few years due to all the work I had to get done.  I also ended up training my coworkers to do my data releases because we knew a few would go through.  It was nice not having to think about work while we were gone.

The lead-up to Pennsic was surprisingly calm at home.  Chris invested in a new packing solution that worked SO well we're switching over to nothing but those bins for everything.  Previously we have used a mishmash of varying style and size bins with bags and boxes, and honestly...it made packing the truck difficult.  This year we bought six of those bins and used them for clothes.  Turns out they fit two abreast and three high in the bed of the truck, so we're switching everything over to them for next year.  This year's catchphrase: the truck is packed, and there was no screaming.

Pennsic itself was wonderful.  We drove up on Land Grab Friday, trolled in, and hiked to our site - our campmates had already placed the kitchen trailer and set up both the kitchen trailer and the shower tent.  We were able to get signed off by 5PM, which let us head to the hotel to check in before nightfall.  Met our friends for dinner at a mediocre Czech-inspired restaurant, had a decent dinner, went to bed early.  Saturday was ridiculously gorgeous and cool, so we got all tents up (save the Viking wedge) by lunchtime.

That. Is. Insane.  That's the fastest we've EVER gotten camp set up.  EVER.

By Saturday night, everyone was under canvas and most of us had unpacked.  We were able to get a fire going that night, which was truly lovely.  Sunday Chris and I got our tent completely settled, and Monday was an in-camp relax day for me.  Tuesday was our first cook day, so we left camp only to grocery shop.  Wednesday I hit the ground running - classes were happening, and I needed to be in them.  Chris and I also tested to the level of Underforester in the Atlantian Royal Forestry Guild, in what was the most difficult firestarting situation I've ever encountered.  There was a massive rainstorm the day before we tested, which gave us damp everything.  We could have used entirely modern methods but he and I are stubborn, so we tried building fires without paper or lighter fluid, and we both ended up admitting defeat.  He's able to start a fire in the *rain* but this defeated him.  I opted for paper and a lighter while he opted for a lighter and tiki torch fluid.  Fires started, test passed, oath taken...now to practice firestarting with period methods.  He bought us steel with different pieces of flint.  We'll see how much easier that might be compared to magnesium ferro rods...

The rest of that week was basically spent in class or in my hammock chair.  I helped [personal profile] 3fgburner with his gunnery class, at least for the first hour of class.  Need to prioritize more time for that class next year.  I gave myself permission to have another in-camp relax day the following Monday, and Tuesday was another run-errands-and-cook day.  After that, classes...all the classes.  And parties, because that's what Boggies *do* at Pennsic.

We started packing our tent the Thursday of the second week, and broke our camp on Friday.  This allowed our campmates to use that space for vehicles and gave Chris an opportunity for a shower.  This worked out so well we're doing it every year - we had less stress, we both got showers that night, we slept well and got a hot breakfast the next morning.  We were able to provide breakfast for our campmates.  We also stayed in the hotel Saturday night, to give Chris plenty of rest before the drive home.

I lost 7 pounds.  I also had more energy than I have had in the previous 4 years.

I know I am lacking detail, but I'm really trying to sum up the trip...might go into more detail in another post.

This week has been All The Laundry.  Chris and I still haven't discussed how to make things even better for next year, though I know the bins are one priority.  I've also talked to my Baroness about possibly joining her siege engine team (she owns an Arbalest - how cool is that?) and we played dress-up with her armor Friday evening.  I...never realized how comfy armor can be?  I had to laugh, though - she was concerned I'd feel confined in her helmet but it's less visually confining than my old motorcycle lid was.  She grabbed a photo to entertain the husband.  I'm not wearing a gorget, gauntlets, or knee protection in that photo, and I think I'd want pauldrons to protect my shoulders.  Otherwise, I'm probably going to get what she put on me, because it was pretty comfortable.

Looking ahead, I have:

  • My dog club's Match in September
  • The wonderful [personal profile] ithilienne's wedding coming up in October (as well as Dad's birthday and my gun club's second crab feast)
  • My club's Nosework trial, husband's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Chessiecon coming up in November (and we'll be hosting our friend during Chessiecon as well as hosting the family for Thanksgiving).
  • Sometime during all of this we'll be converting our back porch into a mud room as well as (hopefully) finishing floor replacement in the kitchen...
That's...a lot, and not taking into account the studying I'll be doing for HAM testing or the research I'll be doing for persona-building.  I'll also be working my Saturday morning gig during all of this.  If I sound a little scatterbrained over the next few months, this might be why.

So, what have I missed in Dreamwidth/LJ world?

Toodles, LJ

Apr. 8th, 2017 11:40 pm
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I have been a member of Livejournal for 17 years, through six different blogs.

And as of today, I'm done. 100% done.

Here's to better things elsewhere.
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the REALLY REALLY GOOD news: the little girl pup is going to be fine. she may end up deaf, but she absolutely will not be put down. she's going back to the neurologist in 3-4 weeks, when she gets a full hearing test.

the less good, but still good news: we're definitely taking the remaining little boy. we're going to go meet everyone in a couple of weeks. the arrival home has probably been pushed back a week, which means i may have to change my vacation, but i'm fine with that if it means she'll be fine.

i seriously can't tell you all just how relieved i am right now to hear she'll be fine. she'll make someone a great pet; we just can't risk having a deaf dog. not for my first dog, not for his first doberman...and not for a watchdog or agility/Schutzhund dog.

...so here's where the hard part comes in. we need name suggestions...both for his registered name and his "call name." Chris is leaning toward Otto, of which i'm not really a fan.

i'd like to try and work around the sire's name (Ch Triadel's Day of the Dragon). the registered name would be DenMar's _______ Dragon or DenMar's Dragon _______. [livejournal.com profile] thetommydodd suggested Idris, which is Welsh and the name of a small dragon from Ivar the Engine. Chris suggested i look at books for inspiration, so i'm going to offer Idris as well as others from a series of dragon-centric books that have recently hit my "favorites" shelf.

so, here goes:

all of these are dragons from the Temeraire series of books.
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happy whatever-you-celebrate-this-time-of-year!
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after William's passing 2 weeks ago, i wasn't prepared to lose another friend so quickly.

i'm going to repost this from facebook...anything to get this out to other people. maybe someone out there feels a little tug on their heartstrings, or feels they have a little extra money to spare...who knows.

Hey guys and gals. A friend of mine, W Michael Blevins, passed on this morning. He leaves behind a beautiful eight year old daughter Brenda, who is now in the care of her grandparents. Unfortunately, he also leaves behind a stack of medical bills, burial costs, and other assorted financial problems.

We - no, *I* - would appreciate it if you could lend a helping hand in their time of loss. There are two funds:

Monetary donations for bills: mblevinsfund@gmail.com
Christmas toy fund for Brenda: brandonroloff@gmail.com

Both of these funds are run by people I've known and trusted for years. Brenda just lost her dad. Help save her Christmas, okay? Even just a dollar or two...

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i wouldn't. there's too many damned laws already.
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“I know that love is unconditional but I also know it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable, and… strangely, easy to mistake for loathing. What I’m trying to say, Tristan, is, I think I love you. My heart, it feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it doesn’t belong to me anymore, it belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I’d wish for nothing in exchange. No gifts, no goods, no demonstrations of devotions. Nothing but knowing you love me too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine.”

- Stardust (2007)
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apparently Levi's figured out not all women were created with the same general waist-hip ratio. if you're a curvy girl, go look.
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(This is an update from this post.)

After nearly 6 months, I recieved a box from one Jenny Heid in New Jersey.

It's the item I ordered back in January, plus two other prints. I'd say I'm happy, but I'm disappointed it took this long.

At least I have what I ordered. Thankfully. I hope she finally gets things sorted, and stops these delays (AND stops ignoring email) for her future customers.
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*EDIT*  The item arrived today, 6/21, nearly six months after ordering.  Update has been posted here

Particularly when that thief keeps carrying on like she's done nothing wrong.

There's this girl.  Her name is Jenny Heid, and she sells adorable prints.  Except, I'm not sure she ever actually follows through with those sales.  You see, back in January, I purchased one of these prints from her.

And it never arrived.  In March I emailed her through her Etsy.com account (which was shut down by Etsy for her unlawful behavior), and got no response.  April 1 I resent the message and spoke with her boyfriend, Aaron Nieradka.  He claimed she was dealing with a family emergency (which I already knew, thanks to the feedback she'd been getting on Etsy), and shipping had been delayed.  He claimed he would send my item out "within the next two days," and I felt that fair.  I was also promised a second item for my troubles.  That sounded acceptable to me.

SO, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I finally sent another message near the end of April, asking for a tracking number.  Somehow, "Aaron" (I'm not sure if it WAS Aaron or if it was Jenny) sent another email, saying he had the item marked as shipped but couldn't find the tracking information.  I also read more of her Etsy feedback, and knew she was going to screw me over.  At this point, I was annoyed, and contacted Etsy for a Notification of Non-Delivery.  By now I was well past Paypal's limit for refunds, which angered me further.

I heard from Aaron twice that day.  I haven't heard back since.  I've sent messages to her email (jennyeveryday@aol.com), her Facebook account, and her Blogspot account with no response.  I contacted Etsy for a follow-up, and they shut her site down.  I was moderately satisfied, but I knew she was still selling through Blogspot.  I was simmering on that for awhile, until a friend found her new account on artfire.com, and I'm back to being furious.

She even claims she left Etsy due to their fees, which I know is bunk.  When Etsy staffers tell you they've shut down a site due to unlawful activity, they're generally not lying.

Now, I'm angry.  The item I purchased should be in my hands, OR I should have a full refund.  Stealing is bad, Jenny...Stealing is very, very bad.  You're significantly older than me, and shouldn't be pulling this crap.

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i hate when people steal from me. i hate it even more when they're pretty bad at lying about it.
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Jenna, a friend of a friend of a friend has gone missing here in Maryland. she's from AA county, but if anyone knows where she is, please contact the appropriate people.

more information can be found here.
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SisterSpace will be happening September 10-12 this year in Darlington. I know this is super-mega-early notice, but i'm putting it out there so everyone has this information ASAP. I'm camping in a tent, and we'll be in the rowdy section again I'm sure. If we get another downpour, I'm getting very, very large tarps to put over my tent and the pop-up awning i'm bringing with me. I'll have lots of snacks and some drinks, as well. Won't you come? I'll probably be taking off Thursday-Monday again, since that gave me plenty of time to get set up and break down my stuff to come home - this is an option if you volunteer. If you're attending without the extra volunteering time, you can show up anytime Friday and leave Sunday afternoon/early evening.

As a reminder, they do have cabins, and those cabins have electricity. Some folks bring a small DVD player and screen for late evening entertainment. Personally? I wouldn't go this route. There's too much else to do without bringing the electronics.

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my friend is in need of assistance. her mother- and sister-in-law are heading to NYC in April. they may be sticking to Midtown. i know they want to go see a Broadway show - got any tips on cheap tickets?

also, they're insisting on getting hot dogs from a street vendor. would it be safe to stick to the carts in Midtown, or is that dangerous?

any other tips would be appreciated. she'll be checking this post for input. :)
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He who dares not offend cannot be honest.
— Thomas Paine
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